Our Mission

To promote and distribute fresh fruits and vegetables to our community at affordable prices. Our commitment to local is always working with local farmers and producers, when available, to provide and promote produce grown locally, in our region.

Owners: David & Christine White
office: 704-821-6069

Karen Roberts, Office Manager /
Human Resources Director


Organizations We Support

DavidThe business was launched long before the big trucks and cash registers were a thought in the founder's mind. The roots of the company take us back to when founder David White was just a little bitty fellow. In fact, David has been in the business of selling fruits and veggies out of the family garden since he was just 4 years old. No fancy truck back then; he used his little red wagon, as he went door-to-door through the neighborhood. Corn, tomatoes, and watermelons were always staples at the White house. Every Saturday morning, little David would load up the wagon and roll though the neighborhood. Over the years, the wagon rusted out, and the garden got smaller, but the love for agriculture and produce always stayed strong. Providence Produce Markets was incorporated in the fall of 2002, but we still have a small group of customers who have been regulars since our red wagon days!

In 2013, David White was named as one of the top 40 produce professionals under 40 throughout the United States. Click here to read why he was chosen.

Helping feed those in need

Feed those in needWe need your help! We still have days open for 2016 that we need people to pick up produce to distribute to those in need.

Charity Produce Donation Schedule

May people in need don’t have the access or means to be blessed with good nutritional fruits and vegetables. Providence Produce has always, and continues to, donate our fruits and vegetables, which are in good useable condition, but not up to our customers' high standards. We assign organizations a stand and pickup days. The organization is responsible for picking up the product from the location and distributing or preparing for those in need in our community (church group, food bank, shelters, etc). If you are interested in helping distribute produce to those in need, please contact our office.

Our Responsibility to the Community

Providence Produce is committed to giving back to the community, which has supported us since 2002.  We are corporate sponsors of the Siskey YMCA in Matthews, NC.  You may have seen Providence Produce at local events, parades and community programs, and donating our goods and staff to help support community events.  In January 2010, Providence Produce became a lifetime member of the N.C. Department of Agriculture's Goodness Grows Initiative.  This program is designed to focus on promoting North Carolina grown produce and their growers, shippers, and retailers.