Providence Produce Taking on the Big Guys!

June 13, 2016

Providence Produce Taking on the Big Guys!Don’t get us wrong the Grocery Stores are awesome! It’s your one stop shop for all your grocery needs! But we can guarantee you are spending WAY more then you should on your produce items! Not only do you get home and the produce flavor is mediocre. But often times the produce goes bad faster than expected or the other extreme, it never goes bad!

Let’s just think about that for a minute. Produce that goes bad too fast, well here's the scoop. Your grocery store produce often times comes from larger commercial farms because they have several locations to supply to. So it can take several days or even weeks for the produce to go from the grower to the locations then put in a cooler until ready to put on display.

Now let’s take a look at the smaller guys that work with your local farmer's markets, like Providence Produce. The majority of the produce sold is from smaller family farms they take pride in their quality of produce and they appreciate the growth process. Using much fewer pesticides and chemicals the flavors are true to heritage and the cost is also less because of this. And your produce hits the shelves the day that we go to market to pick it up. With deliveries every day at each of our locations you can guarantee the produce is going to be fresh and tasty.

As for the spending, lets chat on that for a minute or two. Because you have so many extra channels that the produce is traveling through to get to a grocery store it only makes sense that the majority of all the items would be priced higher. So we took the pleasure of comparing how much you would actually save by shopping with you local farmers markets. The chart below is an estimated shopping list for a family of four and what they may buy on a weekly basis.

Estimated Produce a Family of Four Buys each Week


Harris Teeter


Providence Produce

2lbs Vidalia Onions

$2.58 at $1.29/lb

$3.38 at $1.69/lb

$1.98 at $0.99/lb

2.5lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes

$3.23 at $1.29/lb

$3.23 at $1.29/lb

$2.20 at $0.88/lb

3lbs Peaches

$11.97 at $3.99/lb

$11.97 at $3.99/lb

$5.97 at $1.99/lb

4lbs Honeycrisp Apples

$19.96 at $4.99/lb

$19.96 at $4.99/lb

$5.96 at $1.49/lb

3lbs Tomatoes

$7.47 at $2.49/lb

$7.47 at $2.49/lb

$5.67 at $1.89/lb

1 Red Bell Pepper

$2.49 ea

$1.55 at $3.99/lb

$1.28 ea

1 Green Bell Pepper

$0.99 ea

$0.85 at $2.29/lb

$0.88 ea

2lbs Bananas

$1.18 at $0.59/lb

$1.18 at $0.59/lb

$0.78 at $0.39/lb

2 Lemons

$1.58 at $0.79ea

$1.69 at $0.85ea

$0.66 at $0.33ea

3 Avocados

$6.00 at $2.00ea

$4.50 at $1.50ea

$2.64 at $0.88ea

3lbs Zucchini & Squash

$5.97 at $1.99/lb

$6.87 at $2.29/lb

$5.37 at $1.79/lb

Local Blueberries




Head of Romaine Lettuce




1lb Asparagus




Pint of Cherry Tomatoes








*Prices may vary slightly from Location to Location. Above Prices were obtained on June 8th, 2016.

Providence Produce Taking on the Big Guys!Yeah, you can pick your jaw up from the floor now! So if your family was to spend about that much a week at the Produce Department of the grocery store you could save roughly $1200 dollars by making the stop to your local Providence Produce Market in the 7 months of the year that the stands are open. That is more than worth an extra stop each week. Not only does it save money in your pockets but by supporting local businesses you are helping your community in more ways than you know.